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john tejada & justin maxwell-i've got acid (on my brain) 12 (acid camp)

Price: $13.99


john tejada & justin maxwell: i've got acid (on my brain)

Next up on Acid Camp Records is a record created by duo John Tejada and Justin Maxwell. The opening track, "I've Got Acid (On My Brain)" is a mind-bending wavetable freak-out. Using a vintage EMS vocoder to create an original vocal sample, this track is bright, playful, and vivacious. "The Name Rolls In" is layered in an acid playground of sounds. It's a distinctly groovy track with a potent 303 bass line, prominent percussion, and that infamous vocoder. "Field Notes" is a beatless, celestial arrangement carried through by tiers of sounds, filters, and noisier elements, creating an alluring sonic dreamscape.

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