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john tejada & tin man-acid test 12 ep (acid test)

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john tejada & tin man: acid test 12

LA legend John Tejada and acid innovator Tin Man (Johannes Auvinen) follow their 2016 collaboration, the LA-inspired Acid Test 10, with a 12" inspired by Auvinen's hometown (and Tejada's birthplace), Vienna. Acid Test 12's four songs were mixed down live to two tracks without a DAW or multitracking. The tense drum workout of "Railjet" opens the record before Auvinen sculpts his 303 into near-pizzicato form on "Bim," one of the duo's most memorable tracks. "Danube Nights" blends widescreen acid lines, a pensive lead, and melancholy chords as the drums roll along, tough enough for a heaving floor with a hint of fragility for the headphones.

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