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jon porras-black mesa lp (thrill jockey)

Price: $14.99


jon porras: black mesa

7 composed tracks of meditative electric guitar embellished w/ improvised atmopsherics & white light feedback. Musically inspired by Sandy Bull, Popol Vuh, & Neil Young, this explores the depths & expands the boundaries of ambient & drone music. Through the haze of tremelo & twang, Porras (BARN OWL) hopes to bring a dark edge to the sunny, "far out" sentiment that is usually associated w/ West Coast guitar. Also, in combining Americana w/ the gratuitous fuzz & feedback characteristic of modern Japanese psych guitar, he intends to take from the past, in order to move forward, & to create a sound that draws from the dark shadows cast under the romantic notion of California as an open expanse, the final frontier.

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