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jonas kopp/markus suckut-alkitran/vary 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

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jonas kopp/markus suckut: alkitran/vary

ltd restock! Jonas Kopp takes the A-side with the punishingly good "Alkitran," and the flip side features Markus Suckut's "Vary." "Alkitran" writhes, hissing and spitting into existence. Snares lash across the opening, replaced by sub-aqueous grumbles. "Vary" takes the opposite tact; his dark tones are built amid structures that are suffused with light and dappled with grindingly ecstatic color. This is superbly elegant techno that has refused to sacrifice any of its hardness in order to achieve elegance.

Jonas Kopp / Markus Suckut – 'Alkitran' / 'Vary' [SA006]

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