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joseph russell-drums from lagos 12 (rett i fletta)

Price: $13.99


joseph russell: drums from lagos

London's Joseph Russel delivers funk-driven quirky Chicago techno, opening with standout track "Drums of Lagos." What starts like a sturdy minimalist drum-and-snare-pattern monotrack turns into a discotech monster almost out of nowhere. With "Karma Shirr," "A Razz Comic 1," and "The Oink Master," this is an explosion of ultradynamic, unconventional, rhythmic techno, with a classic, Chicago-sounding, nice old skool vibe that in fact sounds really modern. Crackling dancefloor techno for finer floors and DJs to have and to hold. Written, produced, and performed by Joseph Russell, with "Karma Shirr" featuring guitar by Mark Harris and final mixdown by Prins Thomas.

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