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jtc-escalator to sorga 12 (bopside)

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jtc: escalator to sorga

Not content with a rich back catalogue of releases under a plethora of monikers such as Dabrye, JTC and Charles Manier spanning multiple genres on labels such as Ghostly and Rephlex to name a few, 2014 seemed like the right time to create an imprint with the aim of releasing the rich flood of music that flows forth from Tadd Mullinix. Those plans have come to fruition and the first release this year is a 3 track 12” from JTC. "Escalator To Sorga" is a gliding house track with chilled chords with deep percussion that charges through the tension. "Infinite Organism" is an ageless techno cut, delivering an expressive bassline primed for peak time detonation. "Veronja One," is a dubbed-out epic with tireless 909 percussion and shifting peaks progressing throughout.

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