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julian cope-psychedelic revolution 2cd (head heritage)

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julian cope: psychedelic revolution

Happy New Year and welcome to Psychedelic Revolution, the first of two albums of Julian Cope songs for 2012. Gone temporarily are those massed percussion Black Sheep workouts of recent years, replaced across Psychedelic Revolution's two half-hour-long CDs by eleven epic examples of the Archdrude's most scrupulously-written balladry. Listen to those fucking lyrics! And as CD1 and CD2 are dedicated to Cope's two most politically intense heroes and heroines -- Che Guevara and Leila Khaled -- listeners will be right to expect the always fiery intensity of the Archdrude's performance. Expect tales of insurrection, tales of building new cultural traditions and tales of sexism, racism and even species-ism. Yes, both intellectually and sonically, this is a record to engage deeply with the listener's unconscious. And with its massed banks of Mellotron 400, wah-acoustic guitars, oboe and brass, this new Cope album is one to send you under again and again.

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