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junko & kylie minoise-nature cd (dirter promotions)

Price: $16.99


junko & kylie minoise: nature

Recorded live in a studio in Glasgow, Scotland with no overdubs, Nature sees legendary Hijokaidan high priestess of transcendental shriek Junko go head-to-head with UK harsh noise and feedback mangler Kylie Minoise. Nature throws out wave after wave of gigantic, blistering sonic fractal obliteration with unrelentingly joyous convulsions of searing euphoria. The sound of reality repeatedly collapsing in on itself and then exploding outwards, shattering into white hot shards of screaming bliss. Higher consciousness through exquisite frequency overload. The CD is packaged in a beautiful six panel fold-out cockpack and finished in a non-scratch laminate coating. Limited to 500 copies.

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