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k-lone - in the dust ep (soundman chronicles)

Price: $14.99


k-lone: in the dust

Helmed by Wisdom Teeth label head K-Lone, the three track release also features a remix from Bristolian duo O$VMV$M. A labor of love which has, according to Soundman Chronicles head honcho Parris, taken "a year to complete", as both he and Josiah Gladwell, aka K-Lone, searched hard for a safe pair of remixing hands. "Old Fashioned" breathes new life into the Basic Channel pioneered dub techno sound. "In The Dust Of This Planet", characterized by a weighty kick and hard-hitting drums, hits before O$VMV$M lend the title track a more atmospheric feel, with a fuzzy lo-fi clap and dainty hi-hats.

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