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kamikaze space programme-ballard 12 (mote evolver)

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kamikaze space programme: ballard

The track titles on Kamikaze Space Programme's Ballard are taken from the chilling techno-criticism and dystopian visions of the late J. G. Ballard's fiction. It's a translation of Ballard's high-wire suspense and hyper-modern aesthetics into rhythmic, incisive electronic music, from the shuddering bass , corroded percussion hits, elevator-shaft ambience, and eerily obscured vocal samples of "High Rise" through the tactile "slamming door" percussion of "Low Flying Aircraft" and the white noise, audio grit, and alarm buzzes of "Concrete Island" to the deceptively delicate bell tones, tranquil synth pads, uniquely springy industrial rhythm, and floor-shaking low-end frequencies of "Day of Creation."

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