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kamikaze space programme-concrete musique 12 (mote evolver)

Price: $13.99


kamikaze space programme: concrete musique

Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver reaches the big 4-0 with the help of Chris Jarman, the commanding officer behind the Kamikaze Space Programme. Looking to redefine the concept of uncompromising from bass culture's traditional Bristol HQ, Concrete Musique is four tracks of loud, hard-nosed, techno-taunting speaker pressure. Both "The Bailiff" and "Network Rail" power off box-y kick drums: such is their statement of intimidation. "Radio" lays down body-popping lino before the techno undertone turns it into a bed of nails, while "Death to the Valley" can be found sweeping grime and trap before it.

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