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kartei-lichtgarten 12 (wt)

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kartei: lichtgarten

The debut Ep from mysterious Parisian techno duo, Kartei, starts off with the Renaissance style mega-hit “Lichtgarten”. In its unreleased state, the 15th century style arpeggio and driving beat already turned heads with appearances on some legendary Legowelt dj mixes. It is sure to be a hit. But that is not all, you get more bang for your buck. The record continues on with a modern track reminiscent of “hot on the heels of love,” and the heavy kicked aquatic space styled “Transponder”. And that is just the A side. The B side is big room Convextion/Basic Channel style techno and a gentle come down ambient track. Fresh, classic sounding techno from France.

Kartei "Lichtgarten" by WT RECORDS

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