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kaspi & stride-leanings lp (soda gong)

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kaspi & stride: leanings

Kaspi & Stride is a new project from Justin Tripp, best known as one half of the Georgia equation. The second release on Alex Cobb's Soda Gong, sister label to Students of Decay, Leanings has its origins in rigorous yet laid back studio sessions, dual personal practice sensibilities that seem to get at Tripp's creative ethos as well as any descriptors might. The material here was born out of collaborative studio sessions with multi-instrumentalist Jimy Seitang (Conga Square/Stygian Stride) - the "Stride" of K&S. The music from these sessions has been reworked and recontextualized by Tripp to form the eight tracks found on the record. These compositions are heady and diverse, anchored by infectious drum patterns and intricate electronics, capably occupying a somewhat hard to define space between club-ready and home listening. "Vishing" throbs with a wide-eyed intensity, infused with the type of deceptively rudimentary synth stabs and bass swells that wouldn't be out of place on an early Hype Williams record. With contributions from Mary Lattimore and Jon Leland, "Kaptoxa" charts a more ethereal, if no less dizzying, course. Indeed, this is an album that navigates dense, tactile passages and airy, celestial planes with aplomb, making a case for Tripp's prowess as both composer and arranger with equal priority. The most important thing is to keep moving. Edition of 300, die-cut center hole on backside, includes download.

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