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katie gately-s/t lp (public information)

Price: $23.99


katie gately: s/t

Public Information search the West Coast skies to Los Angeles, to find Katie Gately, still in the throes of academe, playing at new pop forms. This record in July bloom is a bold and exciting taster of what is in store, around the corner. Six tracks of frightening ambition. A prime distillation in computer-music-pop. More alarming - this is her debut release, she has been making organized sound for just over a year. Screech, crumble, gurgle, crack: the opening track 'Ice' a storm of cluster tones and sequenced-bursts sets the standard. Then, to a potential Top ten smasher gone mutant. 'Last Day' is the first time we hear Katie's voice, first looped and torn, then glowing, euphoric and beaming from deep inside a crashing-banging-beat system. Similar patterns follow across this half-dozen. Fractured vocalizations, bittersweet harmonies, freaked alien voices all living, breathing in deep fried motherboards of acute computer programming and field sound.

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