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kehrschliefe-8trk 7 (polytechnic youth)

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kehrschliefe: 8trk

Previously long lost recordings from Berlin, early 1980s. From the KEHRSCHLIEFE estate: ''Kehrschleife' was Wolfgang Tilner-Barlow (1949 - 1984). The Kehrschleife recordings originated from the Mauer park fleamarket in Berlin about 3 years ago, (bought by Allan Murphy of Midwich Youth Club, and cleaned up from the original cassettes by him), they appear to be back-ups of the original Kehrschleife studio master tapes. The tapes are labelled (in German) NDR TV/SFB TV/Radio Bremen themes and Idents and in each cassette case is an A4 sheet detailing the track title/recording date/intended broadcast recipient, with a Kehrschleife/Wolfgang Tilner-Barlow Logo letterhead. According to the stall holder, the tapes were bought as part of a job lot of 1970's studio equipment from in the Uhlenhorst area, in the 1980's and passed on to him by a relative of the original job lot buyer. Little is known about Tilner-Barlow although the stall owner remembered the name 'Kehrschleife' as being a band from the late 70's Hamburg Neu Deutsche Welle scene. Murphy's research has turned up scant information such as Tilner-Barlow's name on the end credits of a few different 1970's German TV shows and a Rest in Peace notice at the end of an 'Arbeit Heute' show from 1984 on YouTube as well as the music appearing on a home video recording of Berlin in the 1970's (with apparently numbers stations recordings embedded)" A fabulous 8 track EP, playing at 45rpm in Polytechnic Youth house bags and sure to fly out super quick.

umdreien wieder ein wieder:

arbeit heute:

auf patrouille:

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