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keith fullerton whitman-disingenuity/disingenuousness lp (pan)

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keith fullerton whitman: disingenuity/disingenuousness

2010 release. Keith Fullerton Whitman bursts back with his first full length record in four years, Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness, comprising of two pieces of forward thinking electronic music with a deep exploration into the analogue sound. Live and studio recordings of the past two years (Cambridge-New York-Toronto) were used as source material, which were then realized into two longform compositions. Using a Musique Concrète approach of deconstructed sounds (ala Pietro Grossi, Costin Miereanu, Basil Kirchin, Dub Taylor, etc), Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness encompasses various reference points from François Bayle, Jacques Lejeune, Richard Pinhas & Heldon to the minimal textures of Basic Channel /Chain Reaction axis... Both tape-collage pieces which derived from an hour-long improvisation based around a setup involving a tape of chance field-recordings (a helicopter, walking on snow, children) bounced to a mono nagra tape machine, which is covered in contact mic's that translate not just the sound coming from the speakers, but the actual mechanical 'interface' of the unit into control voltage & triggers that drive a modular synth that's processing said audio using the classic electronic music toolkit (i.e. ring modulation, panning VCA's, filters, etc). The LP is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, in a limited edition of 500 copies, pressed on 140g vinyl and comes in a poly-lined inner sleeve. It is packaged in a pro-press color jacket which itself is housed in a silk screened PVC sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas.

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