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kettel-ibb & obb cd (sending orbs)

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kettel: ibb & obb

Ibb and Obb is a co-op platform game for Playstation Network and PC developed by Sparpweed and Codeglue. The game music has been scored by Kettel. In this game two players conquer each world through joyful collaboration and intense puzzle-solving, accompanied by Kettel's signature music. The complete score turned out so extensive and unique - I think it is Kettel's biggest project in terms of time and effort - that the situational in-game music was reworked to an album for release on CD and digital formats. The result is a definitive must-have/download for all Kettel aficionados and fans of the game. You will notice Kettel took a 'classical' approach towards composing the Ibb and Obb soundtrack: each track is, to various extents, a variation of the same theme, hereby seaming together the different worlds and moods in the game. It takes an extremely gifted and creative musician to work within these boundaries, and create a twenty-six track score so beautiful and varying, but still bounded by this one unifying theme. As the game, and therefore the album, progresses we can hear the soothing and lyrical music slowly migrate to a place where there's more darkness, dissonance and distance - a destination not often reached in Kettel's music. For players of the game, this album provides a permanent gateway to Ibb and Obb's wonderful in-game world. If you're not into the game, or gaming in general, the album stands on its own and has every quality you'd expect from a Kettel album. The context for which Kettel has crafted this album makes it a piece of art and something truly special.

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