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kjofol-bruit distinct 12 (ygrok)

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kjofol: bruit distinct

Kjofol returns with a dazzling follow-up to YGROK-001 at the start of 2014. He takes his chilling, precise sound a step further and deeper with four tracks of impeccable production. The groaning static hisses, hung piano atmospheres and disembodied vocals of the opening track show that he is all business. Fusing live-sampled drum kits with micro impulses and seismic sub bass, Bruit Distinct shows Kjofol's talent to make a propulsive dancefoor killer without needing to push the kick drum. The EP takes a beatless interlude, alternately ecstatic and sinister, in the form of 'Aisthe?sis.' Airy, and with a funk nonetheless, it shows Kjofol pushing the boundaries of his skills. The mayhem hinted at on the A side breaks through in force with 'Caracte?re Numineux.' A long form journey, it builds its energy in fits and starts of clanging melodies, bleeps and haunted spaces before reaching a bizarre, maniacal climax. Not for the faint of heart. The EP closes out with 'Faure?,' a droning beat exercise in six minutes. A swinging, rolling groove dotted with machine groans and spurts. Mastered by Rashad @ Dubplates & Mastering

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