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koehler/stabudown productions-jim v dan ep (diagonal)

Price: $16.99


koehler/stabudown productions: jim v dan

Renegade ravers, Koehler and StabUdown Productions -- a new alias of James Donadio (Prostitutes) -- get loose and chaotic in a deadly stand-off for Diagonal, firing four barrels of belligerent electronic shrapnel and sawn-off techno. Koehler makes the first move with "Incoming Enemy", doling out a rictus tattoo of rail-gunning 'ardcore breaks and bleeps you'd expect on Berceuse Heroique and Skudge White. In response, StabUdown back a sort of two-stepped industrial shoulder barger. On "Outgoing Friend", Jimlad takes the first slap with a mighty twist of dancehall techno, which Koehler duly hypnotizes with a sort of drunken snake-style inversion.

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