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koen holtkamp-gravity/bees lp (thrill jockey)

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The detailed and resonant music of Koen Holtkamp is disarmingly beautiful. Gravity/Bees is technically a very complex recording, but so directly emotional as to betray its origins, much like Holtkamp's work in Mountains. Originally spurred by an invitation to take part in the Dissolving Localities Project in Jerusalem in May 2010, Holtkamp's decision to craft a recording from bees stemmed from a desire to create something he was attracted to from a production standpoint, something extremely detailed and resonant. On one level representing a continuous flow of sound like a drone but also having a familiar association making it human. In the beginning of the piece the instruments are sculpted around the bee recordings; as the piece develops the actual bees gradually become background and the instruments take focus loosely emulating the buzzing resonant characteristics of the hive. 'Loosely Based On Bees' is mainly a studio creation with only a few live additions from a 2008 New Year's performance added on toward the end.

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