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kogumaza-s/t lp (low point)

Price: $18.99


Limted to 450. Clear vinyl. Following on from two very limited 7-inch singles released in 2010, Low Point is proud to present the debut album from the Nottingham group Kogumaza. Recorded at the band’s own Way-Out Is The Way Out studio, Kogumaza’s self-titled LP is two side-long cut-and-paste pieces of purposefully dense, bizarre and heavy music. Beautiful percussion patterns support cyclic riffs of thick, shimmering fuzz as primitive melodies and harmonies are layered on top of each other. Hypnotic loops emerge from the murk and reveal themselves, spiralling into your brain to remain lodged there, sound-tracking your most mundane actions with a peaceful pulse forever more. By using just two electric guitars tuned in unison and a stripped down drum kit, Kogumaza make music designed to create the space and potential for personal epiphanies (big and small) on the part of the listener. In this way, they are closer to the reflective qualities of rhythm-less ambient music than they are to the bluster of rock or metal and their infinite sub-genres. Kogumaza’s desire to manipulate and mask their output both live, (courtesy of fourth member Mark Spivey who operates from behind the sound desk) and on record brings a dub-like sensibility and sensuousness to the band’s sound, maximising the potential for third-mind lift-off at all times. Your own participation in this is enthusiastically encouraged.

Side A: Cosmonaut / Lowland Hundred / Bells / Tensor Tympani Side B: Swang / Concentric Spheres / Bruxist / Cosmist

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