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kolsch-1977 2lp (kompakt)

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kolsch: 1977

Speicher staple and renowned club juggernaut Kölsch debuts on Kompakt with the full-length 1977, an extraordinary collection of club gems that introduces his earlier masterpieces to exclusive new material. Here, the epic, the rad, and the snappy find themselves under one expertly-crafted groove, making this album an essential choice for both home clubbers and floor hounds. Your new best friend is here and it's a record. Despite the name and despite Kompakt's well-documented love for Cologne's beer, Kölsch isn't a local and he didn't label himself after the famed brew. Even with a much-acclaimed print run and a series of venerated live appearances under his belt, award-winning Danish producer Rune Reilly Kölsch has to regularly duck quizzical questions about his heritage. 1977 isn't a simple "best of" hack job, however: with new crackers "Basshund," "Bappedekkel," and "Eiswinter" lighting the fire, Kölsch doesn't need to worry about future impact. And then there's a cut like the emotive "Oma." The sweeping "Wasserschutz" and a Trojan horse called "Felix," originally intended to be an album outro of sorts. But then someone pushed the button and the transdimensional portal sprang to life.

Kölsch - Goldfisch

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