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kord-drum effort ep (raw tools)

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kord: drum effort

Next up on Bucharest’s Raw Tools label is Börft co-founder, Johan Sturesson, also known to be part of the Swedish electronic trio, Frak. Always under the radar, he has been operating raw electronics since the late 80’s, developing quite a distinctive sound. As Kord, he has released on several Swedish labels, including his own imprint and together with Jan Svensson and Björn Isgren as Frak, they have released music on labels such as Kontra Musik, Lux Rec, Midlight Records. The four-track EP consists in music from the private vaults of the producer, that has been kept secret for almost 20 years. Rough and gritty, his analogue approach and stripped down sound define the record. Starting with the rave sounding “Uncle Owl” and then moving to a more darkly atmospheric title track, Kord shows his muscles on the flipside with some more techno infused and bass driven dancefloor cuts. No fillers, just killers.

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