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koudede-guitars from agadez vol 5 7 (sublime frequencies)

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koudede: guitars from agadez vol 5 

First American release for one of the leading lights from the Agadez guitar scene. Koudede Maman finally steps out of the shadows and delivers two scorching tunes recorded live from the European tour of last year. From the young visionary who made his first guitar out of a tin can to his current avatar as the heir apparent to the legacy of Ali Farka Touré in West African guitar music, Koudede has blazed forth from a relatively small following in Agadez and Niamey to take the world by storm. This is the truest music of revolution -- where the transcendence of historical poetry and the daily grit of human struggle are in dialogue, from verse to verse and refrain to refrain. Limited edition one-time pressing of 600 copies.

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