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kouslin-patterns ep (livity sound)

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kouslin: patterns

Kouslin returns to Livity Sound Recordings with a second collection of slippery club tracks after the 2020 Vision EP. With an emphasis on head-twisting sound design and a detailed line in percussive programming, the London-based producer continues to reach into intriguing new areas without forsaking soundsystem-ready physicality. The tracks which make up the Patterns EP stemmed from a period of personal experimentation, where Kouslin returned to making music for its therapeutic benefits rather than a fixed purpose. The loops and sketches he returned to and expanded upon for this EP bristle with originality at every turn. There is a continued exploration of dancehall rhythms on "King", while "Five Four" toys with time signatures for a jagged, fast-paced abstraction of techno. "Why Don't You Don't" is harder to pin down thanks to its knotty beat and mutant synthesis, and "Michael" flips the script further with an unexpected swerve into pearlescent melodic lead lines -- the perfect demonstration of the honest and instinctive approach Kouslin took when making these tracks.

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