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kowton-on repeat/holding patterns 12 (livity sound)

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kowton: on repeat/holding patterns

Livity Sound foundational artist Kowton makes an emphatic return with his first solo 12" for the label since 2012, following his 2014 hit track "Glock & Roll" on Young Turks offshoot Whities. His music's been remixed by Karenn, Kassem Mosse, and Surgeon; he's remixed work by Paul Woolford, Tessela, and Untold. Kowton has played across Europe both live with Livity Sound (alongside Peverelist and Asusu) and as a solo DJ. In typically reductive mode, Kowton layers pulsing subs with weighty percussion and enveloping synths on "On Repeat"; "Holding Patterns" is a streamlined modulating techno workout of abrasive drums and rotating rimshots.

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