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kӣr-balčak (disk)

Price: $16.99


knr: balcak

Branislav Jovančević from Belgrade has created something deep, dark and beautiful for his first vinyl release and we are honored to welcome him here on DISK! All 4 tracks take it easy at first but will not let you off the hook until they are done with you! They're gonna drag you down far below that surface of the flickering chirrs where that summer night felt still warm and snug. I cannot tell you what's waiting for you down there cause whatever it is emanates from your subconscious as much as it does from Branislav's machines. And like that park of machines, all animated by their own will, the machines of desire residing in your unconscious may respond and connect however they feel like -- independent of your conscious control. Trust me -- that's exactly what will happen! That being said, it also works great for dancing in clubs! On top of all that Igor Milanović made an exceptionally beautiful cover which comes stamped with gold hot foil!!

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