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kreuzberg-s/t lp (m=minimal)

Price: $16.99


Kreuzberg is the project of drummer and composer Andreas Peters and DJ Jens Strüver (Borngräber & Strüver, J.R. Plankton). In their childhood they played in the same football club somewhere in West Germany and met again 20 years later in Kreuzberg/Berlin. They realized that in their lives music always played an important role and as their interests in musical styles were highly compatible, they created the project Kreuzberg. The tracks are based on a drumset, vibraphone (bowed), turntables and bass, which is the only synthetic element of the record. The music is influenced by dub, club music, minimal music and Conny Plank-era Krautrock. The result: acoustic movies and pulsating movements that are in no hurry. Time doesn't matter when you listen to this music.

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