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krisztian dobrocsi-playback philosophy 2lp (kx)

Price: $29.99


krisztian dobrocsi: playback philosophy

After having debuted on the KX label compilation  with the excellent "Subwolfer", upcoming producer Krisztian Dobrocsi continues to craft weighty and soulful dance tunes for his debut album Playback Philosophy. The second full-length release coming from KX presents nine sweeping cuts brimming with glistening melodies, succulent synths and earthy, propulsive beats. From the emotive loops of opener "Amnetic Cinema" to the dreamy epic "Planet Nine", the snappy "Kaleidoscope" or the immersive soundscapes of "Light Of Zartha", Playback Philosophy is a surprisingly mature debut, confidently balancing between deep textures and catchy hooks -- making this a haunting and infectious listening experience for all fans of electronic dance music with heart. includes download.

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