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krypt-unknown frequency ep (rezonal)

Price: $13.99


krypt: unknown frequency

This 4-track EP combines ambient and techno elements to create immersive landscapes, which later on transform into the techno grooves. The concept of this release, "Unknown Frequency", defines the limited nature of human perception, which is unable to experience the full universe of the sound. On the A-side lies the main concept track as well as its landscape/Ambient version. Both works express the positive tension and harmonious excitement of the discoveries to come. On the B-side, first track - 'Traces' continues the search of the unknown. This time, darker regions of mind are explored by the sinister grooves and minimalistic atmospheres. Final track 'Looking for the Exit' is supposed to give an answer and release the tension of the EP, but after experiencing the unknown, nothing is the same anymore.

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