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ktb-s/t cs (feeding tube)

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ktb: s/t

"KTB are Shawnie from Bugs & Rats and Arian from Guerilla Toss playing an aggressive, stripped-down game of noise rock Shenanigans® while lazy young people fall down all around them, scrunching up their faces and mewling. There is something very non-Bostonian about the duo's sound. This doesn't mean it sounds Belgian or anything (although I suppose there are Belgian precedents in terms of guitar/thump/voice blending), more that its muscularity is diffused in a way that's rare in our Commonwealth's capitol city. It still screeches and stubs its way along in a manner befitting the lovechild of the two aforementioned bands, but the anger of its delivery feels circular -- self-sustaining even. There will be no stomping tonight. Only the loud muffle of heavily drugged horses and their weary uncloaven hooves" --Byron Coley, 2015. For fans of Guerilla Toss, Bugs & Rats, Skimask. Limited edition of 150.

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