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kyo-i musik lp (posh isolation)

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kyo: i musik

I Musik marks the third piece from the duet of Hannes Norrvide and Frederik Valentin, aka Kyo. With each release, the pair shift the project's aesthetic equilibrium, forcing a new constellation of resonances, handing the listener a new beauty. The melodramatic pause that their previous album, Aktuel Musik (PI 174LP, 2016), circled with enthusiasm, is now considered from a greater distance. Perhaps it is because society has now arrived somewhere? There is a hopeful melancholia that has come with this distance, and it is put to use to describe a scene that feels as human as it is synthetic, as if the world you know is now behind glass. Futures imagined are being recalled, futures undiscovered are being explored - Norrvide and Valentin manage to encode a sense of endlessness to such processes quite casually. The acoustic surfaces brush electronic reflections with an understated sincerity, all of which feels whispered to you by a familiar voice in familiar phrases.

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