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laddio bolocko-life & times of laddio bolocko 2cd (no quarter)

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Laddio Bolocko may have come and gone, but in their short existence made a huge impact on the New York music scene by fusing ambience with loud, abrasive rock into a tornado of chaos, precision and heaviness. Their disintegration in 2001 left many in shock. The recordings went unavailable and the music seemed destined for obscurity. That is until independent label No Quarter offered to release a double-disc retrospective compiling the bands three releases and the never before released short film As If By Remote by Aran Tharp. The explosive rhythms, the crushing drones and the hypnotic post-rock textures. It is all included in this beautifully packaged double disc set. For fans of: Can, This Heat, Albert Ayler, Drugs

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