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lakker-untitled 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

Price: $13.99


lakker: untitled

Stroboscopic Artefacts presents the new release from Irish duo Lakker. "Harbour" illustrates a vessel out to sea, battling a tempest. Heavily distorted rhythms build like the swirl of a storm, a distress signal popping on, radio distortion. As implosion seems near, a moment of calm sets in and a less maniacal beat assumes control. But the unpredictable hammers resume once more, thumping above a sheet of sharp precipitation. "EeAea" is based on surer footing, concrete beneath the limbs. "Valentina Lane" is set upon a gas of syncopated flashes and airy scrapes. An uncomfortable synthesizer hums in the background, darting high and interjecting low.

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