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lanark artefax-glasz ep (uiq)

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lanark artefax: glasz

22 year old Glaswegian, Lanark Artefax, presents a debut on UIQ. A willingness to bend perceptions is key to the title track and the lush, polymetric gyroscopics of "All That Is Solid Melts Into Air" or with the prism-pushing aspects of cone-buckling subs and interlaced choral frameworks in "Remainder I". "Glasz" is a curdled take on trap, oozing queasy stripes of melody and rave stabs on a brittle rimshot/snare, before "Phasze (s_h_i_f_t)" diffuses grime in an aether fantasy of sci-fi romantic pads and elastic drums, and "Virtual Bodies" glitches a sort of shatterproof hyper chamber music.

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