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lauer-mascat ring down 12 (beats in space)

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lauer: mascat ring down

Like the satellite that it cites, Lauer’s “Mascat Ring Down” follows an elliptic pattern fit for infinite play on any space floor. On “Mascat”, analog space junk flies in and out of an orbital framework built upon nearly nine minutes of bubbling bass and peripheral percussion. Space boogie at its finest. An anti-gravity exercise in repetition, Lee Douglas remixes "Mascat" for the flipside. Reaching a zen state through mantra-like looping that would make Steve Reich proud, Douglas reworks Lauer’s sounds from a delicate and pensive place to a muscular and propulsive groove. Most if not all of the synthesized glitter from the original is eventually forgone in favor of blasted percussion and an unrelenting bassline.

mascat ring down:

mascat ring down (lee douglas remix):

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