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laurine frost/dj slip-strength in numbers part 4 7 (thema)

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laurine frost/dj slip: strength in numbers part 4

Rounding off the vinyl series that accompanies Thema’s label-defining Strength In Numbers compilation, Part 4 downsizes from 12” to 7” to present two distinctive jams that show some of the farthest reaches of the New York imprint’s sound. Laurine Frost may be best known as part of the nonconformist house and techno scene of Europe through releases on Perspectiv, Sharingtones and Nervmusic, but on this special creation for Thema he makes the perfect tribute to the city that gave rise to the label, with a little help from the racy diatribe of Amiri Baraka on “Your House”. By way of a truly special finale for the series, Minneapolis maverick DJ Slip graces the label with an all-too rare appearance, taking an altogether more primal approach on “X7” that channels his years spent conjuring up next level techno for Missile, Music Man and more into a taut and punchy electro excursion infected with tricked out effects and seductive sci-fi noir atmospherics. It’s the perfect example of the freaky fringes Thema has comfortably reached to over the course of the last forty releases.

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