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lawrence english-for/not for john cage cd (line)

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lawrence english: for/not for john cage

I wanted to find a work that offered an openness (particularly in a sonic sense), something that might invite a new perspective of exploration into Cage's ideas and interests. It was during this search that I found myself drawn to one of Cage's less celebrated works - his film for solo light performer 'One11.' Joining with video artist Scott Morrison we 'restaged' the film, developing a new score for single light source devised from a range of Cage-ian approaches. The resulting piece was called 'One11 (Refocused).' Part way through the process of composing music for 'One11 (Refocused),' it became clear that a body of sound work was forming (beyond the music created for the 'One11 (Refocused)' soundtrack) that drew heavily on some of Cage's passions - specifically his interests in Zen Buddhism (and the space for contemplation this philosophy opens) and also that of chance operations. Each of the pieces presented in this edition bare John Cage's influence - some direct, others less so. The title of the edition reflects the sources from which the music was created - specifically from the 'One11 (Refocused)' project (For John Cage) and other pieces, created entirely by chance during one recording session (Not For John Cage)." - Lawrence English

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