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lazy-obsession lp (moniker)

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lazy: obsession

LAZY are anything but--after near-constant touring throughout 2012 the art-fucked troop from Kansas City has ponied up to deliver their brazen debut LP, Obsession, an all-fronts punk assault. Kinetic, hook-filled rockers bristle with the frantic energy of Wire or the Buzzcocks, while an experimental bent unifies their twisted anthems: chaotic guitar rustling, gnarled-out bass grooves, machine-gun drumming, desperate vocals. Aiming for the outer reaches with flamethrower intensity and heartstopping pop sensibility, Obsession is a defiant collection of snotty, upbeat punk tunes with dual male-female vocals and a high-octane heart, snapping and crackling with unhinged exuberance and getting better and better with every upward nudge of the volume dial. Lean and nasty at nine songs and 23 minutes, LAZY's scorching summer platter will claw its way right into your skull.

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