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lego feet-s/t 2lp (skam)

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lego feet: s/t

Double vinyl edition with a nice UV-finished sleeve of the self-titled release from Lego Feet aka Autechre. This reissue includes all the original material from the 1991 EP, plus extensive bonus material (same content as the CD reissue), re-recorded from the original mastertapes. This is the holy grail record of electronic music, but you already knew that. This four track album contains over 70 minutes of classic, mind-bending, futuristic electronic-acid-industrial-cut-up fuckery that, at the time of its release in 1991, was virtually uncategorizable. Legendary electronic duo Autechre went on to advance the most seismic paradigm shifts in the sound of the late 20th century, and their seminal early release is presented here with two tracks of material that have never been heard before. All tracks have been re-recorded from the original master tapes. 1991 was an eventful year in human history -- the Dow Jones topped 3,000 for the first time; Boris Yeltsin got elected; Freddie Mercury died -- but among mankind's greatest accomplishments was the creation of the Skam label. At the time, hardly any record store bought the label's first 12". It wasn't until much later, after Autechre had established themselves as a pioneering experimental electronic group and some genius coined the term "IDM" to classify this baffling type of music, that the original Lego Feet release would become one of the true Holy Grail records.

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