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leonardo martelli-distanze ii cs (mixed-up)

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leonardo martelli: distanze ii

Exploring further his mix of trippin’ and saturated techno, already shown on french outfit Antinote and DVRG Culture’s label New York Haunted, Martelli bless us with five of his blackest cuts to date: from the detuned washed-out ambience of “Living Together”, built over an undetected sample of old ’90 italian telly, to the cavernous ghetto stomper of “Cosa (Trattato di Pace)”, a very close example of modern Moodymann-esque traxx rewired in drone. Closing the A side, “La Legge Vince Sempre” sounds instead like and extract from the Actress’s modern classic “R.I.P.”, a sort of bizzarre electronic break to what’s comes next. B side slide in with the outstanding atmospheric techno of “Il Suono della Violenza”, which could be easily an outtake from the “Menti Singole” sessions and “Ritorno”, another giant leap from the 21-years old Foligno alchemist, this time into downtempo and abstract territories, mixing deadly pastoral pads with shot-gun delayed beats and full pressure bass lines. Distanze II is farewell electro for the dark souls.

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