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les points-proletariat lp (les points)

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les points: proletariat

With Proletariat, Les Points pay a twisted homage to the early foundations of electronic music where hard-to-get tapes, dystopia and the sound of the wretched worker were present in genres like post-punk, industrial, minimal synth, new beat and wave. It's changing -- the worker searched for post-leftist solutions and got lost. Nine circles applauded the proletariat and imagined how a community could be congregated, while screams of violence would be filtered by boiling blood. Exploiters of labor either find themselves rotting away in a never-ending icy rain or dragging their selfish accumulations on their chests for eternity -- while the worker slowly identifies himself as a counter-commodity. Algorithms (fraud) always mislead -- once the worker gets past them only DJs will be awaiting her/him.

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