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leslie winer-leslie winer &c cd (wormhole)

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leslie winer: leslie winer &c

Leslie Winer &c. brings together tracks from the first two decades of Leslie Winer's extensive yet little-known body of work. The earliest pieces, recorded in the late '80s, appeared on her debut solo album Witch (Transglobal/Rhythm King, 1993). First issued as a white label pressing in 1990 and featuring Jah Wobble, Karl Bonnie, and Helen Terry, the album earned Winer the distinction "grandmother of trip-hop." After the official release of Witch in 1993, Winer all but disappeared from public view, making only sporadic guest appearances on releases by such varied artists as John Hassell (1994), Bomb The Bass (1995), and Mekon (2000). While she has continued to record throughout the '90s and '00s, little of Winer's work has surfaced, until now. Some of the material from the two albums she cut in the mid-1990s with Joe Galdo at South Beach Studios in Miami appeared in 2010 on The Tapeworm's release & That Dead Horse. Other tracks from these projects and her collaborations with Vincent Gallo appear here for the first time. Throughout her career, Winer has worked with artists as divergent as Holger Hiller, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and Dale Cornish and her songs have been recorded by Sinéad O'Connor, Boy George, and Grace Jones. Her most recent collaboration with French musician and producer Christophe Van Huffel, Purity Supreme, resulted in a four-track vinyl EP Always Already, released by Ash International. Leslie Winer &c. is a product of The Wormhole. Housed in a 9"x6" PVC sleeve with poster.

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