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levent-s/t cd (a recordings)

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levent: s/t

LeVent are Maryna Russo (bass), Heike Rädeker (bass VI/vox), and Frankie Neumeier (drums). Berlin based trio LeVent got stoned, forgot to replace their guitarist, and then kept his name anyway. Formed in August 2015, the band has kept their shit together enough to have shared the stage with a bunch of talents including Kadavar, The Underground Youth, and Die Nerven, to name a few. They also self-released a four-track EP on cassette in 2016. LeVent is their debut album, released on A Recordings. Like a drunken driver, LeVent swerves up over the curb, drives straight through the garage, and totals their ride somewhere out in a goat farm. Bleating at its most danceable, they carry listeners far away to get lost in nice nonsense, stuck in heavy forgetting, and transfixed on what was, leaving you thirsty for more. Heike, from the band, says, "When someone comes up to you after a concert saying 'I'm going to make you a record' you are stoked for the moment, but you don´t reckon it will happen..." Half a year later Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre called LeVent in to his Cobra Studio in Berlin. Teaming up with studio engineer Andrea Wright from Parr Street Studios Liverpool, the red button got pushed. After what was a super pleasant experience of recording and mixing, they are now ready to present LeVent.

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