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leyland kirby-intrigue & stuff vol 1 lp (history always favours the winners)

Price: $18.99


James Leyland Kirby (aka The Caretaker) presents the first of a set of four limited edition vinyl pressings. Six tracks wide, 30 minutes long, these are all previously-unreleased retro-futurist recordings. What then is Intrigue & Stuff? Is it a comment by the late great Martin Hannett when describing Tony Wilson's Factory? "There's an awful lot of incest that goes on," mused Hannett. "Intrigue and stuff." The biggest clue could be found in one of the track titles: "Live For The Future, Long For The Past," a track which itself has been used to soundtrack the final coda to a BBC series entitled Everything And Nothing, a two-part documentary which dealt with two of the deepest questions there are -- what is everything, and what is nothing? We can confirm that Intrigue & Stuff will be delivered in four parts spread across four 12" pressings. Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. 700 copies only.

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