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life stinks-s/t lp (s.s. records)

Price: $14.99


life stinks: s/t

As Robvertogo of Terminal Boredom wrote, Life Stinks is 'San Francisco's last punk band.' Firmly standing in the puddle created by Crime, Flipper, Fang, and the Fuck-Ups, Life Stinks is the proper negative reaction to the rapid takeover of San Francisco by cyber douchebags. Cool, dark, bad attitude with a groove (and a nod to Velvet Underground). They have a single on Totally Punk, which is aces, a nice slap in the face. Producers Mikey Young and Kelley Stoltz have taken that face slap and turned it into a gut punch. Blow for blow, this is one of the best punk rock 'n' roll albums to come out of the Bay Area in at least a decade.

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