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liquid asset-nyt06 ep (new york trax)

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liquid asset: nyt06

With its sixth release NEW YORK TRAX continues the mission of highlighting the jewels of the New York underground. Liquid Asset is a Philadelphia-born Brooklyn-based hardware virtuoso who has made a name for herself by virtue of appearances on labels such as E-Saggila’s Summer Isle Brooklyn’s own Primitive Languages, Jacktone and Acid Etch where she has recently delivered a furious 7” split with Isabella. Liquid Asset built her own 808 and 303 clones by hand. The modified 303 is particularly audible in the opening track of the record “Ephemeral Nights” where she did not waste time on an intro and went straight to creating a sonic pandemonium by blending an airhorn sound with frenzy acid basslines and a hardcore-leaning 909 kick. “Contact” is a merciless creature of the night with its relentless dark groove building up throughout this composition cannot easily be classified as a representation of any particular genre. “Controlperception” opens the B side. Here Liquid Asset plays with a cheerful acid line over a dreamy landscape often punctured with bleeping sounds. Finally in “Forgetmenot” two opposite sounding basslines intertwine creating a minimal yet very capturing composition to close this one of a kind record.

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