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lori e allen-tears of the material vulture cs (tapeworm)

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lori e allen: tears of the material vulture

Lori E Allen is an unemployed prehistoric archaeologist from middle America, b. 1975, now living and working between London and Berlin as an experimental composer and video artist. In the early '90s while studying at New York University she met and began vaguely collaborating and cavorting with DJ Fat Pants, the obscure genome from which Madame Chaos was conceived. "Madame Chaos" was a public access television show, cablecast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Brooklyn Community Access Television in New York City from 1995 to 2005. Allen was involved until she was kicked out and describes the show, as it was seen on TV, as being "a re-digested type of media vomit which should comprise one the major vital food groups for growing children." Tears of the Material Vulture is a new composition which builds itself specifically upon three samples from two of Madame Chaos' early cassette releases, MC Sampler and Creeping Eskimo Chong, both dating from 1995, and resurrected here in memory of those creepy times. Cover illustration by Deborah Wale.

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