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love cult-fingers crossed lp (public information)

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love cult: fingers crossed

From the sun-blemished bleep of Parry Music to the black marble night-haunts of Fingers Crossed. Public Information wraps up warm and closes its curtains for the winter months ahead. Their darkest record so far. The protagonists: Ivan Afanasyev and Anya Kuts (Red Bull Music Academy artist 2013). The location: deepest Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia. They are Love Cult and this is their debut LP. Since 2009 Love Cult music has seeped through various ferric cracks (Blackest Rainbow, Brave Mysteries). They have traveled and toured with Ensemble Economique, High Wolf, and Lucky Dragons. They run the cassette label Full of Nothing. But it is here on Public Information they find their perfect muse. Wordless chorals from far, far away, mangled Roland drum machines, decomposed Russian TV samples, endless microphone feedback, twisted Finnish kantele, throbbing bass dynamics, sky-bound folk songs, slow decay. In freezing snow-tipped woodland, Fingers Crossed howls for your ears. Nine stormy mantras from a beautiful lost space. The sad whispers of Grouper, the furious noise of Yellow Swans, the empty rooms of KTL, the gothic angles of Hannett , the crumbling ghosts of Basinski. Distill these elements in hard vodka and minus-20 degree Karelia winter and you only come half way to understanding the lonely, strange music that Love Cult make.

Love Cult - Place To Get Lost In (Video Edit)

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