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loveliescrushing-shiny tiny stars lp (handmade birds)

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loveliescrushing: shiny tiny stars

Their sound has been compared mainly to that of My Bloody Valentine. Unlike MBV, however, lovesliescrushing has a sound less dependent on traditional song structures and vocals. With a penchant for guitar tonality and soft vocals, while burying the result under layers of effects, they combine noise and melody in unique ways. The emphasis has always been on texture, hence the unorthodox manner of playing strings with metal, nails, chopsticks, screwdrivers, vibrators and violin bows, to create new tones, much like Glenn Branca, Sonic Youth and Einsturzende Neubauten did in the '80s, but to a different end. They are often accused of using keyboards on their albums, an honest mistake due to the otherworldly sound that they achieve. Cortez was proud of the fact that guitar and voice were the only sound sources and that all of their music was done on a 4 track. This is an important and oft-forgotten note, hence the lo-fi tag. They eschew keyboards and the studio due to aesthetic and economic reasons. The lovesliescrushing sound is typified by loops and has always been identified by its lack of drums and its reliance on Scott Cortez' skill at 'wreaking all manner of beautiful sonic mayhem from his guitar

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